Remember the hurt

Make mistakes, learn from 'em.

And when like hurts you, because it will,
remember the hurt.

I can’t believe what just happened. I have quoted Stranger Things. It is not among my favourite TV shows but that speech… left me heartbroken. Because I remember. I remember a lot.


I remember all this shitty winter. Every time I get a shot under a dim sunbeam from my window. And I remember that lack of light spending all day working under a roof or into a train tunnel. Surrounded by people but alone.


I remember my grandfather. Every time I shoot his camera. I remember him every time I develop a frame at home and think “Hey, I bet that I’m now better than you were”. But we will never know, because I’d never shot a camera before he died.

Yes, damn Hopper, I remember all the hurt. Because with every chance I get, I photograph it.